How Colourful is Our Life

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Posted by Mandeep on June 2, 2012

Just like to see on top again 😛

How Colourful is Our Life


Well Emo love is well know to everyone. Its is special kind of relationship based on the lifestyle of emo music. The emo lifestyle is becoming much more popular these days; here’s the lowdown on what happens when emo love hits you.

I collected some cartoon emo love pictures hope you guys love it.


Nice cartoon saying “please don’t let me go falling the sky,,.”


Great Sketch made by hand “My Chemical Romance”


Sweet bloody Cartoon “I Give You My Heart”


Another hand made sketch where girl kiss boy’s cheeks.



Little Turtle thinking about his love??


Emo kids never fall in love** not**They fell in love like everyday again and again, and always cry about their broken hearts.!!


Nice Rabbit Loving Couple.!

~ Falling deeper and deeper in love~

If you have something to post let me know..thanks..Deepz/

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My Little Cousion!

Posted by Mandeep on March 10, 2010

I cant control myself to add pics of my little cousin, he was just 5 days old when i take these pics:!

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Chandigarh Transport Undertaking ~ Chandigarh Bus Service

Posted by Mandeep on April 14, 2008

Chandigarh Transport Undertaking is very old and species bus service in Chandigarh. As its a plan city so there is no private bus service in city so only Chandigarh Transport Undertaking is only option for local public.

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About Chandigarh

Posted by Mandeep on April 11, 2008

Read more About Chandigarh and Its History

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