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Emo Love [Emotional Love]

Posted by Mandeep on January 31, 2009


Well Emo love is well know to everyone. Its is special kind of relationship based on the lifestyle of emo music. The emo lifestyle is becoming much more popular these days; here’s the lowdown on what happens when emo love hits you.

I collected some cartoon emo love pictures hope you guys love it.


Nice cartoon saying “please don’t let me go falling the sky,,.”


Great Sketch made by hand “My Chemical Romance”


Sweet bloody Cartoon “I Give You My Heart”


Another hand made sketch where girl kiss boy’s cheeks.



Little Turtle thinking about his love??


Emo kids never fall in love** not**They fell in love like everyday again and again, and always cry about their broken hearts.!!


Nice Rabbit Loving Couple.!

~ Falling deeper and deeper in love~

If you have something to post let me know..thanks..Deepz/


45 Responses to “Emo Love [Emotional Love]”

  1. priya said

    heyyyyy deep………..!

  2. Mandeep said

    Hi..Thanks for visiting my blog.


  3. behnaz said

    i love…..

  4. michelle said

    Thts awesome!

    deeeeeep man

  5. lindsey said

    awsome pics im emo so i would know really cool

  6. andrea said

    sabes esta
    chida tus
    imagenes bueno
    cuidate mucho……….

  7. ruby said

    they are so owesome…

  8. Max said

    It Is SoO CuTe………

  9. dulce said

    hola hola estan muy bonitas las imagnes ojala y pongas mas de otros emmoss con frases

  10. ROMIO said

    Wow thank it is so cooooooooooooool

  11. nice.. emo love is within the two emo lovers

  12. Punky Doll said

    Muuy bonitas grax, enkontre lo q buzkaba ze ven hermozaz. Bye 🙂

  13. Bay Bay said

    awe so cute hahaha

  14. sachin adlakha (india) said


  15. babymom said

    So Cute pictures
    Thanks for Sharing your collection.

  16. the emo girl !!!! said

    i love those pics i love emo stuff like i love ma emo life style ……….

  17. loverboy said

    real love ‘s mom’s love,remains stands 4 sex[8)]

  18. fefe said

    emo love is the best thing there is

  19. carol said

    hey there.! well thiz picz are awesome. !!!!

  20. crazzy blondie said

    well? i like thiz picz. some f them are cool cool.

  21. Felixdakittykat420 said

    I love these pics!! Needa put some more on lmao

  22. Emo Zakk said

    some of these are ok others are too light

  23. chik said

    i luv these pics they are awosome!!!! ❤

  24. i love emo cartoons! theyre the cutest things! 😀

  25. (//_x) Yoshi (x_\\) said

    I lyk it….aL dt is tru… 😦

  26. tannu said


  27. ruffa said

    love is so stupid that so bullshit it hard to be inlove with the guy is not love you in the rigth place he been in the world but i like so much the love i hit you now but i love you from the buttom of my heart

  28. Pinky boo said

    i just dont why but i just LOVE these they just want me 2 feel emo lol 🙂 and cry 😦 :((

  29. i love all these pictures ooohh so cute

  30. Diamond said

    Love is so great when you fined somebody that loves you for you and not your body! But oh well love is somewhere stupid some times

  31. Yash kayat said

    i LoVe All pIc’s…..ThAt IS tRuE

  32. woow they all great ..hehehe love it !!

  33. Kiki said

    the pictures are really true

  34. Its very cute.

  35. Mandeep said

    Reblogged this on How Colourful is Our Life and commented:

    Just like to see on top again 😛

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