How Colourful is Our Life

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Flying Birds.

Posted by Mandeep on October 31, 2007

Hi there,

Well i am looking to learn birds flying style so i collect these pictures. Every bird have there own wing and flying style…







Thanks Enjoy,,,

Hope i post more good pic here,,,Dilpreet………


3 Responses to “Flying Birds.”

  1. Janaki said

    i just loved all the pictures u’ve put up!
    keep up the gud work.
    plz name every bird picture u’ve put.
    i am particularly interested in the 3rd and the 5th(last) bird name.

  2. mantapp…gambar yang bagus…

    hasil jepretan nya luarr biasa…

    bagus brooo

  3. babu said

    I like very much of nature. I think that birds are a part of nature.

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