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Christ the Redeemer At Rio de Janeiro

Posted by Mandeep on July 23, 2007

Christ the Redeemer the Famous Statue of Jesus at Rio de Janeiro city in Brasil. One of the seven wonders of the world.






5 Responses to “Christ the Redeemer At Rio de Janeiro”

  1. Thammy said

    My place! I love Rio de Janeiro and visiting Christ The Redeemer is like wonderful!
    You can see Rio de Janeiro city there and the beaches also… The shy.. and sea together… It’s pretty!
    Nice choice in these pics!

  2. Naldy said

    This is my city so I love to see these pictures. It’s amazing to be there. The view is fantastic.
    For those who have never visited Rio: it’s a MUST!

  3. Thanks for kind visit Naldy,


  4. Life is good

    Life is good

  5. Bachan rana said

    i die for u only for u all the individual people

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